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Ceramika Bolesławiecka Kalich
Kościuszki 24b
59-700 Bolesławiec

tel. sklep: 535X039X707
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1) 305 Mug H&M U441
305 Mug H&M U441

Dodaj do schowka 305 Mug H&M U441   Add to Cart: 305 Mug H&M U441
2) 319 Mug Jan Ubird
319 Mug Jan Ubird

Dodaj do schowka 319 Mug Jan Ubird   Add to Cart: 319 Mug Jan Ubird
3) 1102 Plate 19 A188
1102 Plate 19 A188

Dodaj do schowka 1102 Plate 19 A188   Add to Cart: 1102 Plate 19 A188
4) 316 Mug XL Aautumn
316 Mug XL Aautumn

Dodaj do schowka 316 Mug XL Aautumn   Add to Cart: 316 Mug XL Aautumn
5) 554 Big basket U552
554 Big basket U552

Dodaj do schowka 554 Big basket U552   Add to Cart: 554 Big basket U552
6) 1205 Casserole U592
1205 Casserole U592

Dodaj do schowka 1205 Casserole U592   Add to Cart: 1205 Casserole U592
7) 1207 Baking dish U162
1207 Baking dish U162

Dodaj do schowka 1207 Baking dish U162   Add to Cart: 1207 Baking dish U162
8) 1427 Rabit P202
1427 Rabit P202

Dodaj do schowka 1427 Rabit P202   Add to Cart: 1427 Rabit P202
9) 305 Mug H&M U321
305 Mug H&M U321

Dodaj do schowka 305 Mug H&M U321   Add to Cart: 305 Mug H&M U321
10) 305 Mug H&M U441
305 Mug H&M U441

Dodaj do schowka 305 Mug H&M U441   Add to Cart: 305 Mug H&M U441

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